Monday, November 9, 2009

Day six: happy Monday.

Yes it's Monday and I'm happy as hell on coal delivery day. I woke this morning at 5.30am (after another heady night of brain hyperactivity), threw back the covers and rose with ease. I hit my 6am yoga class all smiles and enthusiasm, and "TOTALLY ROCKED IT" (my instructor actually said that). Then I strolled to work in the sunshine feeling weirdly chirpy, much like one of the many birds yodeling in the trees overhead. Let me remind you: it's Monday. This doesn't happen. Usually my Mondays are all dark storm clouds and dragging sneaker-toes on concrete. Even the usual parade of moronic, work-wrecking client comments I've been receiving all day haven't gotten me down. And now I'm off to record those vocals I was talking about yesterday. Waahoo! What's going on? I don't know. Maybe I'm just having an out-of-the-blue good day. Maybe.

Wait. Before you vomit, a little something from some of the biggest pissheads ever: take it away, Happy Mondays.

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