Monday, November 9, 2009

Day four: no more talk of alcohol.

It’s Saturday. I am officially sick of talking and thinking about not drinking alcohol. I’ve told a few people about the whole 365 days thing and I’ve had some mixed reactions. My sister was awesome. She just said yeah cool with an air of excitement at what I might achieve in the time. I guess she’s seen my obsessive, personal ultimatumus [sic] behaviour in action long enough to know it’s better just to nod and let me get on with it. I love her for that. My best friend Ben had a different reaction. He said “how stupid”. This I found weird in one way because he’s in the freakin band with me. Surely my being solely and obsessively focused on turning us into rock stars would be good for him? Or maybe not. To be fair, he too has known me a long time. He’s seen how I swing wildly from one extreme to another, full of enthusiasm and conviction for my various crazes only to swing on to another one in a month’s time. He’s also experienced my manic insistence that urgency is of the essence during phases like these. As he’s more of a step-by-step kind of guy, it’s probably pretty annoying. So I forgive him for not jumping for joy and holding me up as some kind of awesome saint. He just thinks I’m being unrealistic by setting such a big goal. But sometimes to do anything really cool, you do have to set big unrealistic goals. Otherwise you’ll never bust through the status quo (and I do not like my status quo right now).

Anyway, there have been different reactions. Good ones, oppositional ones, cute ones (like the girls at work who said I HAD to come to their party because it would be good for my blog! Thank you Bethany and Sarah.), supportive ones (thank you Alicia). But I’ve realised the easiest way to do this is to shut up about it. No more shouting about “a whole year!”. If people ask, I’m just not drinking for a week or two, or that particular day. And meanwhile, I will get on with the job of achieving my goals. Because the goal in itself is not to just stay off the grog. The goal is to do some radical things. Radical rock star-ish things to be precise.

So today there are three simple things I need to achieve (not all rock’n’roll admittedly):

1. Feed my sister’s cat.

2. Do yoga (a hot body is important for rock stardom. And a balanced mind.)

3. Work on video concepts for our song “Hellz Bellz”.

Simple. Alcohol doesn’t come into it, and that’s all there is to say about it.

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