Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 21: clarity.

I think my brain is starting to work better. At least a bit. Over the last few days I have finished three books (including one enormous non-fiction one that I've been trying to wade through for almost two years), and have done a "three-coffee" rated Sudoku in one easy sitting! Like wow. (Oh yeah, my Sudoku book has a natty little rating system for how hard each one is, based on coffee cups. One coffee cup = easy as bro. Two coffee cups = me need to fink a bit. Three coffee cups = get outta town. Cool aye. Just kidding. For some reason I now feel the need to remind you that I'm cool and I play in a band.) It also dawned on me that the boy who has only ever given me troubles, and yet whom I have found it very difficult to erase from my memory banks, is a bad, selfish, injuring, emotional coward without a genuinely chivalrous bone in his body. True chivalry takes balls and class. So cheers to the real gentlemen, and cheers to the clever lasses, and cheers to seeing things clearly every now and then.

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