Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day eight: people are nice.

It cannot be denied that I am feeling pretty effing ace. Unexplained energy and happiness aside (even in the face of the same old bullshit), today my feelings of goodness have been amplified by encounters with people of the lovely variety. Where previously I have met with resistance and concerted attempts to shatter my resolve, today all I found was encouragement. This morning (at a quarter to six, as I conversed in an unusually coherent fashion, considering the hour), I discovered that at least one of my yoga teachers is also not a drinker. I'm not saying it's surprising. But what I liked was how she said it: like it was the most normal, unremarkable thing in the world. She can do freaky backbends, and she doesn't drink. Next. It was encouraging.
Also encouraging were the gals at work, who commended my strength, complimented my leaner frame, and didn't once try to lure me into sipping the bubbles they were (birthday cake and bubbles for a work mate - the cake was great!). Man... I love you guys. Ellie, one of said beloved girls, asked me what my reward was going to be if I pulled this thing off.
Here's what I reckon:

1. Some tracks on the radio, shop-able on iTunes.
2. A video on youtube and maybe even TV (!)
3. Being in a band that plays great, packed-out live shows and may soon embark on a tour.

What's this? A check list of sorts? Check back here come day 365 and we'll see what's what.

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