Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 13: in the drink.

Another sunny Monday. Hot too. If only we were all in the pool... but wait, I just was! Due to the genius of two swimmingly inclined work mates, I have been organised into swim sessions at the pool up the road from work, twice a week at lunchtimes. What a freaking brilliant idea. The pool is better than most because it's outdoors and in the middle of a pleasantly treed park. And there is something delicious about donning your bikini and doing some splash time in the park, bang splat in the middle of a working Monday. It's a pocket of freedom. It's also a damn pleasant way to get some exercise on a steamy Sydney day. Because let's face it, if I'm not getting high on mental juice, I might as well get right into my health kicks. And my bass guitar licks. I have pretty much finished the lyrics to Edge City by the way, and will lay down the bass and vocal some time this week. Oh and just because it's hot outside, here's some more hotness for you: a snippet or two of the former Gucci master Tom Ford's directorial movie debut. Recognise the schmick styling? That's what you get when you have the Mad Men crew helping out. Zing.

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