Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 23: a wasted night.

Last night got wasted. Not me, the evening itself. What was meant to be a productive listening and jamming session was abandoned in favour of... you'll never guess what.... a session at the pub. But again, not my session at the pub. Only I was the one left feeling pissed (don't worry, the metaphor ends now). People are allowed to go to the pub. I realise this. And it was quite a pleasant evening for a cold bevvy in the warm night air. But we'd made plans. Plans that got discarded in favour of beers with other people. What was worse was that my bass was stranded at Ben's place, so I couldn't even go home and be productive on my own. I guess my anger brought up a couple of things for me. 1. No matter how much you control your own behaviour, other people are still free to mess with your shit. 2. Am I becoming a project monster, repellent to even my closest friends? I guess it's kind of funny that someone else's drinking got in the way of my mission. It's like the relax fairy put a banana skin in the path of the progress robot (me) just for laughs. And maybe it's not a big deal. But I guess the issue I'm really pissed off about isn't a drinking one. It's rudeness. Selfishness. The complete disregard for another person's time, feelings, or the other activities you might have shifted in order to meet the agreed plan. It's shitty behaviour. I hope the beers were good.

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