Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 16: missing out.

I am still ill. And tonight is an industry awards night I was meant to attend. It's okay that I'm not, 1) because standing up is still an effort that will expel more energy than I'm currently willing to part with, and 2) because awards nights are generally less fun than they're made out to be. There is though, a mild irony to this evening's event. The actual award-giving part of the night has historically and famously been dry. To the dismay of the Australian ad makers attending, not a drop of alcohol is served until the dinner afterwards. It tends to make the first part of the night somewhat excruciating, and the second part decidedly pissy (people drink fast to make up for lost time). Naturally, over the years, I have been one of the loudest protestors against the puritanical start to the evening. And it seems my (and many other) cries were heard, because this year the entire event will be liquored. Success! Just in time for me to 1) renounce alcohol entirely and therefore have to do the "do" booze free, and 2) get sick enough not to attend at all. Maybe God was looking out for me after all (see Day 15). Even a bug as nasty as this one couldn't be as horrific as a night in ad land without a single shot to numb the senses.

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