Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day seven: and on the seventh day she did nothing.

Not entirely true actually. I did a repeat on yesterday's bounce-out-of-bed-at-sparrow's-fart-then-totally-kill-it-at-yoga routine, followed by more weird happiness and a VERY weird early arrival at work. But I thought you might be getting tired of hearing about it. So in other news... the vocal recording sesh went well; we have two songs pretty much ready to go; I received delivery of the four dresses I purchased online at Tobi.com; I watched some xx videos on youtube (I quite like the chick's hair. I might send mine in that direction next chop.); and tonight I will continue working on my new song Edge City and thinking of shit for videos. I also went on a mission to peruse the range of non-alcoholic wines and bubblies at quite a special health-food store, only to find the shop had shut up and shipped out. Maybe there's a message in that.

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