Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 359: exciting movements.

Crazy coolness. Remember how I sent my tracks to my record company friend the other day? Well today he got back to me. He thinks they're really good! And he suggested a cool producer I could potentially work with. And then the producer's manager got in touch and asked me to send tracks to him, and now I've sent them. Wahoo! Again, it's a case of will the dude like them, will he want to work with me, and if so, will the whole exercise cost me my unborn child's college fund (I doubt that actually). But it's all good. That's the cool thing about action. You take a tiny step and it starts sprouting other possibilities. You set the movement in motion and the world starts moving with you. It's radical. I love it. It's what makes life so frickin exciting.


  1. Not to flog anything but if you want some professional mentoring on how to ramp things up from an industry guru check out Asho at He works with the best but offers a young artist mentoring service to advise on next steps having seen it all. He also knows everyone in the industry. I think the mentoring page is here:

  2. Thanks Grogger. Wicked. I will check it out.

  3. Let me know if you chat to him.