Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 344: park life.

It's been pretty rainy and wintry in Sydney over the last little while, despite it being spring, but today the sun decided to come out. And like starved creatures (we're all quite used to being dosed up on sunshine in these parts), everyone (in my vicinity anyway) reacted by packing up shop early and racing out into the evening light. My stroll home goes through Sydney's Hyde Park (it's very pleasant) and at the moment they're holding night noodle markets there. And of course, tonight being clear and light and dry and warm, everyone decided noodles would be a good idea. Including me. As I wandered about looking for exactly the right noodle, I did notice that lots of people were enjoying bottles of Sauv B or cups of cold beer, and the thought of milling about in the night air having an alcoholic beverage, in this setting seemed like a pretty good idea. But these days such thoughts can occur to me without bothering me, which is good. So I bought noodles, ate noodles in my leafy surrounds, and then even managed to stroll home, change and get out on my bike for a ride without it getting dark. And on my bike ride I visited another of Sydney's parks, the big one we call Centennial. And this park too was a hub of healthy activity (tending more towards jogging than wine drinking). It was just a very cool thing to be whizzing along under the trees and the big sky, out in the air and sunlight as the evening started to set on the park. Two parks in one evening, and then a happy return home for more adventures in music making. Good times my friends, good times.

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