Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 338: ready, fire, aim.

It's funny when you get all focused and obsessed with something, how other appropriate stuff starts magnetising to you. Today at our Friday morning meeting, for example, just after I'd been yabbering on about decision-making and action-taking yesterday, one of the dudes at work did a very cool presentation on procrastination, and instant gratification versus long term gain. In the presentation he quoted Geoff Ross, founder of 42 Below vodka (also appropriate), and a former advertising creative, who in his book recommended the ready, fire, aim approach to doing stuff. He said: "Strategy is fine. But doing stuff is better. So whatever you do don't wait till [sic] you think you have everything perfectly set, because you never will. Just start." Wise words indeed. When it comes to the sin of all planning and no action, I am the ultimate offender. At least I have been up until now. But with my recent decision to hit the states whether everything is set or not, I have taken a brave and foreign step into action land. And I have a funny feeling everything is going to be different from here on in.

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