Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 358: a song for y'all.

Well, I thought that after all my ranting and blah blah about recording etc, I probably owed you all a tune. This one isn't my own home-recording effort (that one's still in the works), it's one Ben helped me with. I still have to record the vocal again in a proper studio, mix it and master it, but as a demo I think it's pretty ace. But that's just me. Feel free to tell me what you think, if you feel so inclined. Boys and girls, this is Take the ride.


  1. After reading your blog with regularity I only just got around to listening to your tracks.

    I like - you sound nothing like I expected but I'd buy an EP or album.

    Sorry if comparisons are trite but I'm picking up tones of PJ Harvey, cool 90s experimental Kylie, Catatonic.

    Plus I like to imagine you are smoking hot, so the whole package seems pretty ready to rock to me.

  2. She IS smokin hot! Claire you should post a profile pic so your readers can picture you. Whatcha reckon, readers?

  3. cool song. yeah, and after reading you for so long, I am a bit curious as to what you look like. All part of the package surely?

  4. Wow. Bit strange putting a voice to a blog!! Perhaps you should just do an audio blog one day rather than a written one? Or even a video blog...

  5. Answer the question Claire ... sorry closet Breakfast Club tragic.

    But yes. Pictures?

  6. Hokay... pictures. As a necessary step in my music project plan, I will be getting pictures done. So you may have to wait for those. Or I could just post a happy snap... not sure yet. I suppose I'll put something up. Just haven't decided what.