Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 339: like a machine.

Who am I? What weirdness is this? I simply do not recognise myself. Is Mars passing through my sign or something? Whatever's causing it, I have turned into a frickin action machine. Today I went and saw Niccola about setting up a website on which to display my advertising work. Putting together this kind of thing is a laborious, confronting and time consuming task, made more laborious and time-consuming by the fact that I have put off doing it for so long. But there I was this morning, cycling along (like a complete hipster cliche) with my Macbook slung across my back, going to sort the bastard out. And then once we'd done the first bit, I cycled back home and kept on bloody going. And now I've finished sorting out what needs to go where, what needs writing and what needs gathering, and I'm about to go to an afternoon yoga class. See, I told you. My name is Claire. I am a robot.

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