Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 347: I love my bike.

It's a really beautiful day today, blue skies, sunshine, leafy niceness, and it's weather like this that makes me love having a bike. Already today I've been on a jog with my bros and been on several pedals here and there. Biking is just such a happy way to travel. I've even had races with my tiny nephew Rex on his baby trike (aided by his Mummy Kate running along behind pushing) but was at a somewhat unfair advantage with my much larger wheels. Still, what fun. Sydney's kind of gone a bit mad for biking recently, despite its many hills, because of a series of new bike lanes and tracks the council has put in. They make getting around on two wheels a lot less stressful and seriously fun. So if you haven't taken the plunge into pedal land yet, and your city or town is in any way conducive to a spot of cycling, I would humbly suggest you get on yer bike. Ever since I did, I've been loving mine.

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