Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 346: and then a charming drunk.

Last night I went to a party (sorry, I'm writing today the day after, but I'm sure you understand). Actually I went to two parties. And they were both fun. But now to the point: my friend Ryan who was at both, was drinking, which is normal, and was being absolutely fabulous. At both dos he was flitting around being witty and entertaining and meeting new people and just genuinely being charming. He wasn't messy, but on the ride home in the cab he revealed he was feeling decidedly pissy. And I'm pretty sure his life's in a really good place right now (he's about to get the coolest puppy!). So maybe I wasn't 100% right yesterday. But then again, drinking at parties, which are designed for a bit of let-loose excess, isn't out-of-the-ordinary drinking behaviour. It's not alarm bell stuff. So yes, whatever. More contradictory gobbledegook from me, and some charming (actually) drunken behaviour from Ryan.

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