Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 340: third box lucky.

If you've been paying very close attention (I will not be offended if you haven't), you will know that so far in my home recording efforts I have unsuccessfully tried using two different recording interface boxes with my computer. On Friday I went to the music shop and bought a third box. And halle-fucking-lujah the little bugger works. It is late now because I have been fiddling around recording stuff for many hours, locked in a kind of awesome dreamland of easy techno-operation and miraculous layering and rendering of sound. Everything I plugged in worked. Every attempt to put something down yielded a result. And while the "end product" (more of a beginning product really) is undeniably crude, it is also absolutely beautiful. Beautiful because after an unutterably long period (I first started trying to master home-recording software about six years ago) of thinking I would never be able to commit music ideas to technology all on my own, I have just done it. And the doing of it was a timeless bubble of pure creative fun and freedom and happiness. And this too, just after Darren my yoga teacher was saying yesterday how the things we find the most difficult are the things we find the most satisfying to achieve. Well little MBox, I love you. And Darren, you're absolutely right.

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