Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 41: meeting boys.

There is a spunky boy at yoga and I'm pretty sure he's not gay. (He reminds me a tiny bit of Richie McCaw, whom I have been in love with 4EVA.) He has a habit of standing behind me in class, which tends to either completely put me off (falling over everywhere) or turn me into a total legend. Not that I think he stands there deliberately. He could have a wife and seven children for all I know, or at least a pretty girlfriend he's keeping himself healthy for. But presuming for a moment that he doesn't, how does a girl like me actually meet a boy like he? To start with, I'm quite shy. My brazen cavortings on stage in front of my band might suggest otherwise, but when it comes to dudes I kind of turn quiet. I'm not a natural flirt, and even the thought of sending coquettish smiles across the yoga room embarrasses me. Because let's not forget where we actually are: a hot, not quite stinky but very definitely sweaty yoga room. It's possible to look okay at the beginning of a class (if wearing not a scrap of makeup happens to be looking okay that day), but by the end, you are literally drenched in sweat, hair plastered to your head, saturated gym clothes clinging wetly to your body. Not exactly the most alluring of looks (unless, of course, drowned rat is what you're into). Okay, so the yoga room isn't the best place to meet boys. But wait a minute, what if the yoga room was to host say, a party? Then it might be easier to meet said boy. Or not. Firstly, does anyone actually go to their yoga school's Christmas party? I love my yoga school but going to the party has the distinct whiff of nerd. If the boy is cool, would he turn up? Would I want him to turn up? And would I want him to turn up and see me there? Secondly, assuming I went, I'd be stone cold sober. The sober girl at the yoga party. Smokin. And no juice to banish the shyness. You see, I haven't really tried meeting boys properly since I've been off the piss. How does one go about it? Or does one not go about it at all? I am generally of the opinion these days, that the only dudes worth bothering with are those that at the very least have the gumption to approach the girl. Women are meant to be won. If the guy doesn't realise you're a prize, he's the loser you don't need to know. (Or maybe it's that attitude that keeps me single. Whatever.) Weirdly enough, over the past two evenings there have been two sets of quite interesting looking boys from my neighbourhood who have introduced themselves and asked me to join them for a drink (there is a common treed square near my house where people from a particular row of houses meet for beers and to chat. It's quite a nice thing they have going on. Both sets of boys have been sitting on the exact same piece of low stone wall but on different nights, and they all know each other - that's the weird bit). Of course, I don't drink. But the point is they were cool enough to actually say hi. If yoga boy is remotely interested, he will talk to me. If he's talking to me when I'm make-up-less and dripping sweat, it probably means he's a guy worth talking to. And if I never so much as say two words to him, there's no harm done. I can always try talking to the boys from my hood.

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