Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 34: piss off grumpy.

Quite a lot of people I've encountered today have been in a grump. There was a grumpy man yelling at a pay phone on the way to work, grumpy walkers, and lots of grumpy people at work. Mondays will do that to you. But lately they haven't been doing it to me. While I did get a little pissed off by the splashy swimmer who flicked me a faceful of water with his dumb fin while I was doing my lunchtime lengths, since I've been off the drink, Mondays just have not been presenting the morbid challenge they used to. Maybe it's because I'm making better use of my weekends. Or maybe it's that now, Monday doesn't mean a complete shift in state of mind: from woozy weekend explorations in brain-obliteration to the nasty jolt of having to perform controlled, rational tasks. Or it could be I'm just happier. Who would have thought that not pouring depressants through your system every weekend would have that effect? Amazing. Now I shall stroll home, cook dinner, play my bass and maybe start my new book. Lovely.

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  1. I have lost so many Mondays in the past that If I added them all up would amount to months if not years of my life! I probably was one of those grumpy bastards! I learned to make no important decisions or schedule any meetings if avoidable on a monday for all the obvious reasons! You are doing great girl - keep it up!!

    You have inspired me!