Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 36: missing fang.

So everyone knows I have a music project. But what not everyone knows is that a few months ago I also had a band. For various reasons and after many tries at making it work, the band had to break up. It kind of broke my heart because I loved that band and we'd put three years of hard work into it. But these things happen. One of the reasons I loved the band was that it gave us the excuse to get together regularly, sling on our guitars, turn up our amps and fang loudly for three hours. We played kind of quirky, energetic rock 'n' roll songs with a healthy dose of punk. It was physical music. We stomped around a lot, and all of my bass lines were fat. I am missing the fang. My current project is a recording thing. I write a song, go to Ben's, lay it down and then Ben does stuff to it that we review together later. It's good for getting stuff down and done, but it don't beat bashing tunes out live. Neither does bedroom bass playing. There's something cool and magic that happens when actual people get together and play actual music. And it's fuckin fun. I guess we'll just have to work on stepping the current project up and out of our respective houses, into the practice room and onto the stage. This will take some time.

Once more for nostalgia's sake and your listening pleasure: ladies and gents, I present The Mania.

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