Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 364: God has one hell of a sense of humour.

Okay. So I have been trying to remain positive about this, which has been difficult considering I'm actually kind of mortified and totally pissed off. I went to the doctor again today to discuss my annoying liver results. It turns out the liver level that would have been affected by alcohol is way down - which makes sense - but my other liver levels (there are several) that were previously totally fine are now up. I apologise for the boringness and perhaps overly revealing nature of this information, but I thought it was relevant. Why? Because it means that while I thought I was doing everything in my power to be hyper healthy (teetotalism, regular exercise, veganism/vegetarianism), I have somehow done something to bugger things up. Not enormously mind you - my levels are only slightly raised - but something I've been doing has been taxing my liver in a brand new way. You do something to be kind to your liver and unwittingly find a new way to be cruel. Bloody fucking hell. My doctor suggested I could try losing some weight. Yes, good idea. Except that I already exercise pretty much every day, eat weirdly healthy food just about all the time and eat pretty moderate amounts when I do. And let's get something straight: I am not a skinny girl, but I am not a fat girl either. My build is athletic, I move my ass, and I am an extremely health-conscious eater. I could definitely be thinner, I'm just not sure exactly how. Maybe my next blog should be My Year Eating From An Egg Cup, or 365 Tasty Ways With Air. Of course, all this is absolutely brilliant punishment for the anally retentive perfectionist that I am. A year of perfecty, goody-two-shoes behaviour, rewarded with a not quite perfect bill of health. So yeah, I'm pretty pissed. And God's laughing his arse off I imagine, while tucking into his third cream bun.


  1. I would say go to a naturopath. A friend's husband had a shot liver after Malaria and his naturopath has nursed him back to where he is running marathons again.

  2. What manner of tom-fuckery is that?! Poor Claire, I'd be pissed too. And on day 364 at that...perhaps it's a message that raising a few glasses tomorrow won't kill you? And I think you shouldn't be too concerned about that - your body will feel the effects so strongly that you won't be able to have much. Great song too, just listened :)
    Best wishes for tomorrow night, have fun!!

  3. Ah, you sound pretty perfect girl. And it is not possible to be absolutely perfect, so don't go crazy over a couple of slightly whacked results. I'd be focussing on the enjoyment side of things. Sometimes body chemistry isn't something you can tweak.